PC Part Picker Review

What’s the best way for compatibility check of computer parts?

There’s a simple way to make sure that all of your hardware components work together. This is the most straightforward it’s ever been.

You’re not alone if you don’t like the concept of browsing through pages and pages of specifications to make sure all of your components fit. Thankfully, PC Part Picker is available to make the procedure a lot easier.

What Is PC Part Picker?

PCPartPicker is a website that assists do-it-yourself computer builders with part selection, compatibility, and cost. With PCPartPicker, you can create virtual part lists and get compatibility advice as well as up-to-date prices from dozens of the most prominent online merchants.

There are a few useful extras, such as the ability to store and share builds. If you’re new to system building, this allows you to have your list of components double-checked by someone with more experience, who can validate the build and maybe suggest cheaper alternatives to save money. As an extra bonus, it will also provide a general estimate of how much power the PSU will need to output.

When Did PCPartPicker Start?

PCPartPicker is an online comparison service that allows customers to check the pricing and compatibility of computer components from various online shops. In 2011, the website was launched. In February 2015, the website was completely redesigned.

Who Created PCPartPicker?

PCPartPicker is founded, owned and operated by Philip Carmichael.

How Good is PCPartPicker?

PCPartpicker is a fantastic tool for finding compatible parts for whatever project you’re working on. You can utilize the completed builds area to enter specific pieces you want to use, then look at images of other people who have completed the project. For example, there is some wiggle area in the maximum CPU cooler height.

Why Use PC Part Picker?

When you begin assembling a structure, the site will perform its magic and present you with a more limited selection of compatible components. For example, when you select the Ryzen 5 3600X as your CPU, for example, the site will only show compatible AM4 motherboards in the motherboard area.

It will also let you know if there are any issues to be aware of, such as whether an older motherboard needs a BIOS update to work with a newer CPU and other small things.

Can You Trust PCPartpicker?

It turns out that they’ve been around for almost a decade, have had a lot of positive feedback, and have a well-known community.


Overall, PCPartPicker is an amazing tool for selecting parts for a new PC.