Winaero Tweaker Review: How To Customize Secret Windows Options


Windows has a plethora of options and capabilities that enable us to adjust, customize, and even optimize our computers. Many of these parameters and functions may be found in the Settings menu, which anyone can change at any time. Other features targeted for expert users are more difficult to identify and configure, requiring additional applications or registry changes, and are more difficult to locate and configure. Fortunately, Winaero Tweaker, an all-in-one application for customizing, configuring, and optimizing Windows, is available.

When we make changes to our operating system, we often need to know a lot about it, be willing to take a risk, or use third-party apps that aren’t safe.

Winaero aimed to make this task as simple as possible. These programmers already had a number of standalone apps that allowed users to make adjustments and configure the operating system. Each of these tools was created with a specific goal in mind.

Winaero Tweaker is a comprehensive utility that combines all of these developers’ tools into a single universal tool. Users will be able to see all of their choices in one place, as well as extra functions and features, so they can have full control over the operating system.

Review of the Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker includes an unlimited number of functions and features that will allow us to squeeze every last drop of performance out of our Windows operating system. This program offers an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. Each of the program’s sections may be found on the left side, while the options for each area can be found on the right.

Windows can be customized in appearance.

“Appearance” and “Advanced Appearance Settings” are the first two sections of this program that we can find. From these two parts, we will be able to modify anything connected to the appearance of our windows. We’ll find everything from basic options like activating Aero Lite, changing the appearance of the Alt + Tab menu, or changing the colors of our theme, to far more complicated options like changing the style of Windows icons, menus, fountains, and even the margins of the windows. Adapting to

the behavior of the operating system “behavior

” will be the subject of our next discussion. While the two parts that came before focused mostly on how the operating system looked, this section brings together a group of tools that let you change how different features of the operating system work.

For example, we can change the sad face of the blue screen to a more informative screen (as always), schedule automatic backups of the Windows registry, customize chkdsk timeout, disable Aero features like Shake and Snap, disable Windows Update, bug reports, hibernation, change the sad face of the blue screen to a more informative screen, and much more.

Customize the login and boot processes.

The “Boot and Logon” part follows next. Windows makes customizing these components of the operating system quite tough, but thanks to Winaero Tweaker, we can do so with ease.

We can change and personalize the Windows boot appearance and behavior, change and customize the login screen, force users to log in by pressing Control + Alt + Delete, hide the last user who used the PC, the login image, and much more.

Personalize your desktop and taskbar.

Under the “Desktop and Taskbar” section, we’ll find a number of features and tools to modify the desktop and taskbar of the PC. From this section, we can personalize the action center, backup the start menu, configure the warning balloons, adjust the appearance of Cortana, disable Live Tiles, and perform online searches, among other things.

We’ll also be able to change the transparency of the Windows taskbar, the size of the thumbnails for open windows, add a second hand to the clock, improve the quality of the wallpaper, and display the Windows version on the desktop, among other things.

Configure the context menu in Windows.

The “Context Menu” section follows. As the name says, we’ll be able to customize anything about this context menu in this part. For example, the items we want to appear include the ability to add a command to CMD to quickly launch the console terminal, the maximum number of elements, security options, permissions, users, and so on.

This is a part where you should definitely spend some time exploring all of your possibilities.

Control Panel and Settings

From the “Settings and Control Panel” section, we can configure several parts of the Windows setup and control panel. The ability to add and remove things from the Windows control panel is the most important feature.

Customize File Explorer’s look.

We can find all kinds of options for the Windows 10 File Explorer under the “File Explorer” area. We can, for example, turn on or off file selection boxes, hide compressed file arrows, change the way disks are shown, and more.

All of Windows’ network choices are within the reach of your mouse.

We can customize everything related to Windows network options under the “Network” section. We’ll be able to set up shared folders and resources, alter the default RDP port, and set up our connection as a metered network, among other things.

Set up user accounts. From the “User Accounts” area, we

‘ll be able to configure many parts of our Windows session’s user accounts. activate or deactivate the Administrator account on your computer. You can also turn off or on User Account Control (UAC) for the Administrator account.

It is critical to maintain security: Set up Windows Defender

Several basic choices for customizing the Windows 10 antivirus can be found in the “Windows Defender” area. For example, we can turn off the antivirus, set up anti-malware protection, and make or break the system tray icon.

Windows apps can be customized to your preferences.

The “Windows Apps” section is the next topic we’ll discuss. We will be able to configure the behavior and functionality of many of Windows’ own programs using it. For example, we will be able to configure the store’s updates, enable Cortana, and make the laptop Unix-compatible. We’ll also uncover configuration and customization choices for Internet Explorer and MS Edge.

With a single click, you can put an end to the lack of privacy.

Since its inception in 2015, one of the issues that has plagued Windows 10 has been privacy. As a result, we will be able to configure this privacy from the “Privacy” area. These options allow us to eliminate the password reveal button as well as totally disable Windows telemetry.

Make shortcuts that are beneficial.

The next area is called “Shortcuts,” and it allows us to create shortcuts to particular system operations (such as shutting down the computer) as well as adjust other characteristics of these shortcuts. For example, the arrow of the icons, for example, or the ability to create shortcuts to open as administrator.

Other Windows configuration tools:

The “Tools” area allows us to easily access a variety of operating system tools and choices. For example, we will be able to alter our PC’s OEM information, deal with the registry, clear the icon cache, and restore group policies to their initial settings. very helpful in resolving computer issues.

Download old-school Windows programs and games.

Finally, and undoubtedly one of the most intriguing parts for many, we can download ancient Windows apps and games. The default Windows photo viewer, the traditional calculator, Windows 7 games, and even desktop gadgets can all be reactivated. Everything is from this show.

Winaero Tweaker can be downloaded here.

Winaero Tweaker is free software for anyone who uses Windows. To get it, we simply need to go to its website and download the most recent version of the application from there.

Users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 can use this app. It is also compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

After downloading the application, we unzip it and execute the installation process. One of the processes allows us to pick whether we want to install it as a regular program or run it as a portable program, which means it is only decompressed rather than installed.

Wrap Up
As we can see, Winaero Tweaker is one of the most useful apps for customizing and configuring our Windows operating system. Furthermore, all changes are completely safe and reversible; if we get tired of them, we can simply reverse the change from the same application, and everything will return to normal.